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How to Make an Advent Wreath

Advent is a wonderful Christian season that can be observed in the home as well as at church.  With its association with Christmas, Advent is a natural time to involve children in activities at home that directly connect with worship at church.  In the home an Advent wreath is often placed on the dining table and lighted at meals, with Scripture readings preceding the lighting of the candles. There is special significance on each Sunday of Advent, as a new candle is lighted each Sunday during the four weeks, and then the same candles are lighted each meal during the week. In this context, it provides the opportunity for family devotion and prayer together, and helps teach the Faith to children, especially if they are involved in reading the daily Scriptures.

You can make an Advent Wreath in many ways:

Use real holly or evergreen and form into a wreath and purchase a metal 4 ring candle holder and insert the three purple candles and one pink one.

You can also use silk holly or plastic evergreen to form the base wreath and use 4 sturdy candle holders.  

However you make your Advent wreath, use the prayers provided here when you light the candles each day to make your Christmas this year really meaningful.

Click here for an Advent Wreath for the children to colour:

adventwreathtocolour.gif (11032 bytes)



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