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The tutorial page:
It is with great sorrow and an
extremely heavy heart that I must tell you all that Deb, the owner of
PINewbies group (PING), is no longer with us.  Deb passed away of congestive heart
failure on Saturday, May 7, 2005 at the age of 43.  I know that we all will greatly miss her.

Deb was the founder of PI-Newbies and has a great wealth in tuts and other PI things. 

Sadly all her links are missing. She had been responsible for most of the links in these lessons. That is why they are not working.

Week 1

Week one:
Step 1:  The strip
Learn the basics of making a strip, and learn some background techniques.
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

Click the thumbnail above to see the full strip

click here for the finished OE Stat

Learn  about the layer manager
Author: MaryLou
Version six

Week 2

Week two:
Easy frame using the path tool
(Combine with week one's tutorial)
Author: Deb
Version 5-8

Learn how to organize and store your presets
Author: MaryLou


Week 3


Week three:

Playing with Path objects

Author: Deb
Versions 5-8 


click for the OE stat





Create a foil frame



Week 4

Week four:
Easy frame using the button designer
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

A beginner's guide to objects
Author: Deb
Version six and seven

Week 5

This one made in PSP:

OE stat with background + music


Quick and Easy Stationery using the magic wand and clip art.

Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

(this wasn't as quick and easy as PSP!! LOL)

OE stat with this background + music

Week 6

I really had problems moving the mask, when I used the transform tool it moved the whole picture not just the selection???


Week Six
An easier way to mask an image
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

Learn how to organize and store your objects
Author: MaryLou
Version six


Week 7

I used the glass texture and a photo of my friend's cat "Jasmine" who actually lives at my house!

click for full size background

click above for OE Stat + Music

Week Seven
Make a swirl background
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

Week 8

This was a difficult one in PI 10!

click the letter to download the OE stat

blue blue + rose green


grey purple  

click on thumbnails to see Large view

Week Eight
Make a pleated side border with pearl edging.
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

click the letter to download the OE stat


red red + angel
click on thumbnails to see Large view

Week 9

Week Nine
Under Glass--Add a glass dome to your work
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

I did do it a little differently, I changed the last steps, so it looks more like a bubble.

If you want me to do it over again, I will.


There is no way I can do this in PI 10, everything is in a different place!

I have to resort to trying it in PI 8...

Week ten
Lace frame
Author: Deb
Versions 5-8

click above for the OE stat + music

OK, now that I know where the parts and pieces are in PI8, I figured out where they were in PI 10 and gave it a shot.  I made my own original design using what I learned above.

click to see full size graphic

Click above for the OE stat + music

some more that I did to practice




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