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Week forty-one
Animated water
Author: Rosie
Version six

I saved it as a flash animation, and I used VM natural - lakeside reflection filter.

Week forty-two
Paint a pear
Author: Johanna
Version six

This tutorial is missing, so I made my own pear.


Week forty-three
Fancy Frames using continue draw
Author: MaryLou
Version six


Week forty-four 
Author: Deb 
Version five
Cute Lop eared bunny

Week forty-five
Fantasy fish

and underwater scene
Author: Deb 
Version six 


I used this fishtank tutorial, but I did it in PI10



Week forty-six
Author: Rosie
Version six
Using the line and arrow spline tool
Author: Deb
Version six
(Additional help in completing this tutorial)

I used my own graphic

Mouse drawn

I have made some Pixel painted tags.

Week forty-eight
create a birthstone angel
Author: Deb
Version seven
Or do this tut instead
Tole painted daisies

Author: Deb
Version seven

Week forty-nine
Realistic towels for your scenes
Author: Deb
Versions 7 and 8.
(Can also be done in 5 and 6)

Week fifty

Bloomin' daffodills
Author: Debbie Hardisty

Version seven 







Setting the scene
Author: Deb
Version six

click on the pictures for the full size view 

It is with great sorrow and an
extremely heavy heart that I must tell you all that Deb, the owner of
this group (PING), is no longer with us.  Deb passed away of congestive heart
failure on Saturday, May 7, 2005 at the age of 43.  I know that we
all will greatly miss her.

By David Dehaven
I realize that many of you who knew Deb did not know that she was ill. Frankly neither Deb nor myself knew just how ill she was until it was too late. Apparently, Deb had had this ailment for a number of years, but it had been misdiagnosed years ago--whether by malpractice or simply because there was too little known about it, I cannot tell--as something else that is much less lethal. By the time we found the real problem, the damage to her heart was too great and it just could not do its job anymore.
Thank you all for your kind sympathies and condolences. I wish Deb could see just how much she was appreciated. I don't think she really knew just how much her cyberfriends loved and appreciated her.

All of these 50+ tutorials have been done in PI version 10.



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