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Just change the Month/Year/picture/and numbers to make your own!

Blank Calendar UFO
April Calendar

Click here for Your Leprechaun

click on the ones you want ~ Merry Christmas from Claudette


bag o cookies


gingerbread man Santa face Penguin
lace angel Christmas girl angel blue ornaments Christmas candy
snowman 1 with broom snowman 2 with bird snowman ornament clear glass ornament

Claudette's Egg Kit

Click to get Claudette's egg parts to make your own Egg.

Valentine UFO page


Ol' McDonald had a Farm ~ EIEIO ~~from my Cool Tool Page


I would love to see any pictures you make with these Ufo files.

mail to claudette@shalfleet.net

All the pictures you make using these .ufo files are your own property and can be copyrighted by you. The only things covered by my copyright are the individual original pictures themselves, the UFO file and the illustration of it on my site. Please do not redistribute any of these original files or post them on any website  without permission - thank you!


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