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 **NOTE** These tutorials have been written for different versions of PI so things may not be in the same place in the version that you may be using.

60 PI Tutorials :  Claudette's results  started on Jan. 9, 2005

1. Sundog Creations   Easy Lace Heart
This beautiful lace heart is so easy to make. Use the Paint on Edge effect. Would make a great valentine card.

2. Debisty Designs   Squiggle Text by Valerie   7.0
Using the line and arrow tool, it's simple to create a path for squiggle text. Valerie shows exactly how it's done in this tutorial.

3. Wishing Well Tutorials   Moving The Lights   6.0
This mini-tutorial will show you how to change the lighting on your image using two different methods. Understanding how to reposition lighting can lend dramatic effects to your work. Before and After shots please!

4. Graphics by Candeekis   Watermarking Images   4.2
Worried about your graphic being stolen? Then watermark it the Candeekis way!

5. Dia's Dimensions   Animated Magtag/Minimagtag   8
This is an animated, magnified name tag. As the animation glides to the right it magnifies and highlights the letters in your name. It's made completely in PI, and comes with my gold preset and a font.


6. Wishing Well Tutorials   New Shapes from Old   6.0
Use existing shapes from the path library to create new shapes. This tutorial show you how to make a lovely little candle using nothing but the shapes in PhotoImpact. (by Fr. Michael)

7. Design In Reflection   Angel Wings   6.0
Use the tools in PI and a few filters to create lovely angel wings.

8. Deb's PI Tutorials   Dynamic Designs   7.0
Use a variety of filters on an image to create a fancy patterned tile that would be suitable for presets or web backgrounds.

9. Dia's Dimensions   Easy Jeweled Butterfly   6+
Create a cute little jeweled butterfly that can be used as a sig file or just about anything else.

 changed it to make it have double wings

10. My Space   Painting a Rose   5.0+
Create a beautiful rose and digitally paint it...Claudia teaches you how to do just that! http://geocities.com/clowat/tut01rose.html

11. Rosie's PhotoImpact Tutorials   Drawing A Crocus   8.0
Draw a beautiful spring crocus (flower, bud and leaves) using the Path Drawing Tools and Path Edit. http://www.rosiespitutorials.com/crotut.htm

I cheated and used Rosie's kit! :-)

12. Gold Acres   Mosaic Tiles Background   8.0
Use PI's puzzle effect along with a gaussian blur and an outside filter to create a neat looking mosaic type of tile which would be perfect not only for stationery or web page backgrounds but also as flooring in domestic type images.

13. Sundog Creations   Valentine Heart Candles
Make a romantic heart shape candle for your sweetie.

14. Deb's PI Tutorials   Dingbat Fun   All
Use a dingbat or black and white clipart to create a great image to use on stationeries or web sets. Uses the colorize pen retouch tool.

15. Dia's Dimensions   Ladybug with Shell   6+
Make a cute little ladybug with your choice of three different shell styles. Pick one style for your lesson, may do all 3 if you like. http://diasdimensions.net/tutorials/pi/index_ladybug.html

16. Deb's PI Tutorials   Sparkle Graphic   7.0, GA5
Create a sparkling banner to use on your web pages or make it a bit smaller and use as a sig tag in your emails.

17. Sundog Creations   Perfume Bottles And Tray
Create some pretty glass bottles with reflections and a mirrored tray to hold them.

18. Deb's PI Tutorials   SpiroFX Bow   8.0
Use the SpiroFX filter to create a bow to use in your images.

(can't do this one, the filter does not work!)

19. Wouter's Designs   Create and use a Blending Mask   7,8,XL
The mask in this tutorial will allow the center of the photo to show and it will hide the edges.

20. Debisty Designs   Shapes From Dingbats Snapshot   6.0
Lynn Bishop has written this snapshot tutorial which teaches how to make custom shapes from dingbats.

21. Tutorials by Inge   Sig Tags   7,8,XL,Pro
Pick one and create it. A series of sig tag tutorials - 27 assorted styles in all. Animals, ladies, variety using various plugins and filters.

22. Linda At Home   Outlined Liquid Gem Text   8.0
Use BladePro and a few other preset files to create text that looks like liquid in the center with a gold edge.

23. Debisty Designs   The Puddle Effect - by Valerie   7.0
A novel way of creating a neat backdrop for your tags and images.

24. Wishing Well Tutorials   Body Painting   8.0
Add a bit of pizzazz to your photos using the tools in PhotoImpact. This is a very simple technique that produces some incredible results. You'll use this one many times over to create a variety of effects.

25. My Space   Making a Fan   5.0
Use path shapes to create this beautiful Victorian fan.

26. Castle's Keep   Simple 3D Text   7.0
Learn how to combine objects and text to give an excellent 3D appearance using zmerge.

27. Hillary's Tutorials   Painting Hair   7.0
This tutorial is a step-by-step process for painting hair. If you don't feel all that artistic, it's suggested you turn on the grid and try to follow the initial steps regarding the actual form. It's a fun way to try out your artistic ability and another good one for graphic tablet users.

I can't do this one right because I don't have a Watcom tablet.

28. Dia's Dimensions   Porch Swing w/Chains and Hooks   8
This is a well constructed wooden porch swing complete with chains and hooks. There is a substantial amount of detail work involved along with many of PI's tools.

29. Creations by Dawn   Clean Those Objects   7.0
Let Dawn show you how easy it can be to clean the unwanted areas around an object using the paint brush and a few other handy tools. Turn those pictures into objects!

PI 10 has a NEW Extract Object tool that does this.

30. Wishing Well Tutorials   Easy Interface   6.0
Learn the basics for creating those fancy 3D Interfaces you see on the modern-looking web pages. The look is very effective and so easy to create.

31. Debisty Designs   Overlay & Inverse of Multiply   6.0
Create some exciting effects using two images and the overlay or inverse of multiply features in PI.

32. Torill Hansen's Tutorials   Make a Cameo POE   6.0
Create a lovely cameo graphic using path shapes and POE - fonts included.

33. Creations by Dawn   Create A Poinsettia   8.0
Poinsettias are a full, vibrant Christmas flower. Dawn shows how to create a really neat looking one too!

34. Johanna's Place Add Custom Shapes to Shapes Library 7.0
Learn how to add those shapes you made to your own shapes gallery in the Easy Palette.

35. All In The Image   PI Fir Tree Using POET Snapshot   6.0
Snapshots are "mini" tutorials that can be accomplished with few instructions and assume you are familiar with the various tools in PhotoImpact. You can store them in your Easy Palette for reference.

36. Dia's Dimensions   Back Yard Gym Set   6- up
Create a realistic wooden gym or back yard playground complete with tire swing, rope swing, and slide.

37. Marlene's Graphics   Make your own mask
Create your choice in beautiful frame masks.

38. RAPartZ   PhotoImpact Object Clone Painting
How to do object clone painting? Here's where you can find out all about it. Work through a very detailed tutorial on how to create a work of art using only cloned objects.

39. All In The Image   Chain Links   6.0
Create a path object chain so that different material (finishes) can be applied as needed. Demonstrate two methods for sizing objects.

40. BumbleBee Designs   Floral Trinket Box   8.0
Make a lovely little trinket box and decorate the top with flowers made using the path tool.

41. Caroloyl's Tutorials   All Thumbs - Playing With PI's Presets   7.0
Have you ever wished you had more choices for the shape of preset thumbnails?--or have you used the Easy Palette's "Try" button to test the look of your presets on an object only to find the thumbnails revert to boring old rounds? Well, your "trials" are over! Once you learn how easy it is to make custom thumbs permanent, you'll have them sticking all the time.

42. Gold Acres   Animated License Plate   All , GA4+
Download the license plate for your state and animate it with your name or other favorite license number. There is also a way to make one if you live outside the US.

43. Marlene's Graphics   Fantasy Flower and Variations
Make beautiful flowers.

44. Debisty Designs   Swan Lake   6.0
A framed image created with the use of fonts, filters and a little bit of digital painting.

45. SparrowzWorld   Painting Tools & Dodge-Painting a Goldfinch   7+
Working with the Dodge tool and Paint a lovely Goldfinch.

46. Debisty Designs   Spikey Stationery   7.0
Create spikey stationery from a framed image to spice up your email.

47. Dia's Dimensions   Baby Elephant Stomp Tag   6+
This is an animated name tag. She stomps for a number of reasons...happiness, excitement and/or frustration! Watch her stomp her way right into your heart :) Must Animate.

48. Carol Brooksbank's Tutorials   Recessed Buttons   4.0
Very nice tutorial on how to give your buttons a recessed look in several different styles.

49. Golden Acres   Slatted Tube SigTag in PI or PSP   7.0 up
Create a sleek-looking tag using various slatted tubes.

50. Acadie's Art   Blue Winter   8.0
Paint yourself a beautiful Winter scene and learn a few tips and tricks at the same time, a lots of detail, and some brush presets to download.

51. Reflections Hawaii Tutorials   Stamp Masking Tutorial   6+
This is a fun technique to create your very own unique mask for photographs, or portion of a photograph. By applying different stamps, backgrounds and textures, you can achieve some very nice results.

52. Servant Designs   Painting Peaches in PI
Draw and paint/blend/blur colors to make a realistic peach.

53. Carol Brooksbank's Tutorials   Lake Applet and Overlay   All
Carol shows how to create a lake applet image with an overlay.

54. Unique Renditions   Eye Candy Hair   8.0
Learn how the 3rd party plugin Eye Candy can be used to create the most realistic of looking hair and beards.

55. Pickers Angel's   Sand-Blasted Glass Panel   8.0
This tutorial will show you how to make an etched glass panel with a frosted or etched design on it.

56. Sparrowz World   Painting a Mountain Scene   8.0
Use various painting and retouch tools in PI to produce a beautiful digital painting of a mountain scene.

57. Quick Creations   Creative Warp Frame   8.0
Use the artistic effect creative warp to create a beautiful frame. Every frame you create using the technique taught in this tutorial will look different to any other and will match your image perfectly.

58. Pickers Angel's PI   EZ Image Map   8.0
This tutorial contains instructions to produce a simple image map which links the viewer to other web pages by clicking on a portion of the image.

59. Irene's Place   Grandfather's Clock   6.0
Learn how to create a realistic grandfather's clock using path shapes and dings and then go on to animate.  Create and Animate!

60. Rosie's PI Tutorials   Victorian-Style Photograph Album   8.0, XL
Create pretty, leather bound, Victorian-style photograph album with cut-out photograph holders, gold edged and decorated pages, tissue paper divider, satin ribbon and brass clasps.

61. Rosie's PI Tutorials   Sunfish Sailboat

Create a beautiful sunfish sailboat that looks like the real thing!



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