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Click on the thumbnails to see the original sized graphics

Hockey Girl

Acadie's Hockey Boy Tutorial



Johanna's Bird Path/Shape Tutorial

click the floating envelope for the OE stat

Feather Tutorial

by: Maggie

Dragonfly Tutorial

By: Bearmistress

click the floating envelope for the OE stat

Light off and on

Light with different stained glass and glow

Paula's Outdoor light tutorial


this challenge was to make a votive candle without any tutorial My Computer!

Computer System tutorial

My Paper Chain PI STAMP
Made from Rosie's tutorial
I made the paper chain into a stamp

Click HERE to get the stamp



The Red problem

PI 10           Photoshop 7        PSP9

My PI Fireplace using Rosie's template and wooden shoes.


My Windmill from scratch

Rosie's Wedding cake tutorial and Wisteria Arch

Adapted the tutorial to PI

Made from a tutorial by Vicki


Claudette's Egg Kit

Click to get Claudette's egg parts to make your own Egg.

This one was made with Rosie's gems

and Claudette's egg parts

My Little Diver


from Jeaney's Tutorials

Wooden Cradle tut

and Teddy Bear tut

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