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Week twenty-one
Create a chocolate kiss
Author: Deb
Versions 6-8

click on letter for OE stat + Music
Week twenty-two
Create a shadowbox
Author: Deb 
Version 8

click on letter for OE stat + Music

Week twenty-three
Envelope tutorial
Author: Deb
Version five


click the floating envelope
for the OE Stat + Music

Week twenty-four
Shadow box using a plugin
Author: Deb
Version five


I couldn't get Bordermania
to work so I did it with a
different filter

Week Twenty-five
Make a glowing candle
Author: Sue
Version five
NOTE: this tutorial page
was not there, so I used an old
graphic that I made.

Week Twenty-six
Make a Laquered Jewelry box
Author: Maggie
Version six
I changed the borders to gold and
I didn't have that decoration so I used something else to frame the picture on the front, and I made the legs little marble beads.

Week Twenty-seven
Inside-outside Frame
Author: Pam
Version five
For version 7 users: Use the object eraser tool instead of mask mode.
You may also substitute 

I used the lasso>soft edge4, the photo that I used had too many fine edges.

I will try again.

Week Twenty-eight
Bluebird scene
Author: Dawn
Version 6 or 7
(Can also be done in versions 5 and 8.)

This wasn't there so I did


I used AlienSkin EyeCandy 5 Textures to get the feather effect.

Week Twenty-nine
Adding masks to your easy palette
Using a mask
Author: Deb
Version five

Week Thirty
Ribbon tutorial
Easy bow tutorial
Advanced bow tutorial
Wrap it up! wrap your ribbon around a frame
Author: Deb
Version five





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