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Making a Coloured Pencil Sketch using PI 10

Photo of my little cousin

This tutorial was inspired by the PSP tutorial by Estazia

This is my first tutorial in PI so if you know of a better or easier way of doing something please do it! :-)

Software: PI Version 10

Author: Claudette Holden

Terms of USE

Tester: Paula

Homepage: PI Home

Title: Effects/Filters

Skill Level: Beginner

Featured tools: Colour Charcoal Effect

What you Need: Your own photo

Necessary Download: Coloured Pencils Stamp




1.Open the photo that you want to use.
Edit > copy

2. OPEN a new canvas size 450x350, transparent and click on Selection >ALL

3. In this blank canvas click on
Edit> Paste into selection

Note: Make sure you have your layer manager open and you now should have two layers, one with your picture (obj-1) and one Base.

4. 4. Click on Effect > Artistic>Colour Charcoal and use these settings:

Balance: 1
Stroke length: 9
Level :54
NOTE: depending on your photo you can lighten it or darken it by moving the balance number. Play around with this step.

click OK when you are happy with your result.

5.Click on Photo> Photo Frame
Style: edge frame gallery
and choose
(scroll down once in the shape area,
it is the first one on the left)
or one of your choosing and Click Enter





6.Now in your Layer Manager click on the background (BASE) layer

Selection> ALL then Edit> trace edges> selection Marquee

Use these settings:

Tolerance 14

Jump Point  1

Threshold 128


7. click on Your Material Gallery> Paper>R10

and double click on it.

Right click on your paper layer (base), choose ARRANGE and send to the back


8. 8. Still working on the background

Click on your Special Effects Gallery

choose L02 and click on it.


9. 9.You can add some noise if you like

Photo>noise> add noise

Click on Photo> Sharpen> Sharpen

10. 10. Now Add the coloured pencil STAMP to  your Stamp Gallery and select it. (click on the stamp tool

then click on the tiny down arrow next to the apple and click on Add stamp

Find where you put the coloured pencil stamp and click on it (see below)

click to see large version

Scale 50

Add some coloured pencils to your drawing.

Use the Transform tool to move them to the position you want.. and give each a shadow.

Object> Shadow.

You are finished!



When you have completed this tutorial, you may download and display this award on your web page. Right-click on image and save to your hard drive. Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

This award is being offered on the honour system.

Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

2005 Claudette Holden

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