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Software: PI Version 10

Author: Claudette Holden

Terms of Use

Testers: Rosie & Paula

Homepage: PI Home

Title: "Take-Off"

Skill Level: Intermediate

Featured tools: Path Drawing Tools

What you Need:

Font: Fairfax Station

Necessary Download: Menworking.ufo




1.Open a new canvas 450 x450 transparent. Also click on VIEW >show ruler or you can click on the little ruler icon.
Click on the path Drawing tool icon and choose a circle. 3-D Round

Shift X

and the Material Gallery will open, Where it says Gallery, choose Material Attribute Gallery and in the Tab group section choose Metallic >Silver 8





2. Open the Material Dialog box/Bevel Settings tab and set the bevel to

Width 30

Depth 30

and make a 65x65 circle on your blank canvas at approx coordinates 150 x250 on the canvas

3. Material Settings: Choose Pale Pink (looks like white)

Bevel settings:


3. Make another circle  (with the Materials setting and bevel settings found on the left here) over your first one.

Size: Width 192 and Height 182

Right click and edit path.

Gently just pull up the top node to a height of 215. (see below)

Right click > toggle mode

check material settings and bevel settings

and send to back.



You should now have:

Wheel assembly: (close up)

4.Using the font: Fairfax Station (download above)
or you can use Times New Roman
Make an Upper case I
size: 82
2D object
  hex #446D8C
and place it at the bottom center of your oval

then using your path tool > rectangle make a tine rectangle in the middle of the I

now using the rounded rectangle make two black wheels 15 x 36 on each side of the I


place under your plane

5.Let's Make the wing using Custom shape B43 (same settings as in Instruction 3 above), draw a shape (462w x 32h pixels) and move so that right wing tip is outside of canvas area.

Same material attributes as in step 3

Right Click/Arrange/Send to Back and then use the Transform Tools/Rotate & flip, to flip the shape vertically.



6. We are almost finished !  :-)

OK let's add the windows.

A. Using the path drawing tool> rectangle > colour Black

make two windows (33 x 22 each).

B. Use the path drawing tool> pentagon>colour Black, Mode 2D, approx 31 x 29 to make a side window, use the transform tools/ Rotate freely, to rotate the pentagon ultil it's side lies parallel with the window side, then duplicate it and use the Transform Tools/ flip and move it to the other side.


7. Some details and the back

Using custom shape B50 >2D> size107 x 67. Then using the Transform Tools/ Rotate by degree tool, rotate 10 degrees clockwise.

Duplicate and and use the transform tool to flip horizontally and  place on the other side of the nose.

You can shade these after you convert them to an image, using the Elliptical gradient fill tool

Using these settings:

(click to see larger view) and then bring nose to the front.


8.The Tail

Using the Line and Arrow tool with these settings

 Draw  lines  6 x 180 for the tail first in white and then in grey. Merge these as a single object.
Place this at the back center of the plane. Duplicate this merged line and use the Transform Tools/ Rotate by degree tool, rotate 80 degrees clockwise. Then
use the Transform tools>Perspective pinch in the ends and Move to back and position slightly above the wings.

Make the jet engine by following the above diagram

Black circle size 62 x 62

Silver 3d pipe size 62 x 62

Custom shape Sun Silver 3D round, size 42 x 42

small black dot , 3D round, size 17 x17
Put together in order above and merge as a single object. Place the engine at the approx coordinates
 310 x 349

Download the men working (at the top of this page) and open the ufo file.

Place the men at the bottom of your canvas and using the transform tool> Resize, size them to fit at the bottom of the canvas.

Add in anything else you want now ... be creative and make this your own.

Be creative with your background. (I used a custom shape plane and added some arrows and letters and number. On the background I used a Special Effects Gallery>Lighting> LO3.)

When you are finished you may take your award and place it on your web page.

When you have completed this tutorial, you may download and display this award on your web page. Right-click on image and save to your hard drive. Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

This award is being offered on the honour system.

Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

2005 Claudette Holden

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