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Making a "Sheepie" using PI 10

Software: PI Version 10

Author: Claudette Holden

Terms of Use

Tester: Jeri & Candy

Homepage: PI Home

Title: "Sheepie"

Skill Level: Beginner

Featured tools: Path Drawing Tools

What you need: PI Version 10

The coordinates I use are measured by eye.
Do what looks best to you!





1. Open a new canvas, 400 x 400, transparent


2. Using the Select a Polygon Shape Tool, CLOVER.

Set the number of convex points to 29, Colour White,2d Object, Border 1- Black




make a shape sized 353x353 . Right click in the center and choose Align> Center Both, to place it in the middle of your canvas.

Click on enter to de-select it.



3.Using your Path Drawing tool, Ellipse, colour black, no border, make a 137 x 162 oval. Place it a the approx coordinates 200x200.

Click on the transform tool and rotate the head counter clockwise 15 degrees.


Using the same settings, make another oval 116 x42 (PLACE AS SHOWN) and rotate 5 degrees clockwise.

Duplicate this oval and using the transform tool Flip horizontally and rotate this ear a further 10 degrees, place it at coordinates 175 x 145.

Merge all three ovals as a single object.

Click on Enter to de-select.




4. Using the same oval shape, make a white oval, 2Dobject, no border, size 50x32 and rotate 10 degrees counterclockwise.

Change the Path drawing shape to a circle, 2Dobject, colour black, no border and make a 11x11 circle, duplicate it and place both in the white oval (as per sample on the left)

Click on Enter to de-select.



5.Click on the Path too icon , choose Custom Shape

S38 and make a 95x36 shape. Duplicate that 3 times and move your legs in place.

Click on the transform tool and rotate them (as per the sample on the left.)

Right click on the leg you want in the back and choose Arrange > send to back.

Now you can Select> all objects and merge as single object and drag him over to your Object library, so you can use him again.

To finish your "sheepie" just put in a background of your choice. Each little "sheepie" should have his own personality!!!


You are finished.


Sample with different background and extras

When you have completed this tutorial, you may download and display this award on your web page. Right-click on image and save to your hard drive. Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

This award is being offered on the honour system.

Please DO NOT link directly to the award.

2005 Claudette Holden

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